copy of HW03 Leggings
copy of HW03 Leggings
copy of HW03 Leggings
copy of HW03 Leggings

copy of HW03 Leggings


We have discounts for wholesale purchases that accumulate 12 pieces or more.

Orders can be with varied pieces.

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INFORMATION: For inquiries about the points of sale or local distributors in your country, you can write us from the WhatsApp icon.

Our fabrics have many benefits and properties:

✓ Colombian microfiber fabrics.

✓ Premium quality.

✓ Dry-fit technology (transport of moisture for quick drying).

✓ UV protection (sun protection for the skin).

✓ Leggings of compression (reduce the problems of muscle fatigue and adjust to all shapes and sizes with fabrics that expand).

✓ One size, only recommended for sizes XS, S and M.

✓ Antipilling (prevents the formation of lint on the fabric).

✓ Control of abdomen.

✓ Thick cloth that conceals cellulite and flaccidity.

✓ Security seam (flat seam with technology that does not mark the skin and helps generate more support).

✓ Intense colors (prints resist the passage of time and do not discolour with washing).

✓ Top is not included.


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